Aston Martin and the Haas pair are forced to a pitlane start in F1 US GP after the changes they have made.

Having brought updates this weekend in F1 US GP, both Haas and Aston Martin have somewhat struggled to eke out performance as they would have desired. While the latter had both their cars ousted in Q1, the former had one out in Q1 and other in Q2.

For the sprint, both Haas were out in SQ1, while Aston Martin had both their cars knocked out in SQ2. The four cars were far off from points as well in the sprint race, where Lance Stroll was forced to retire due to brake issues which has plagued him hugely.

With the four cars at the back of the grid, the decision was taken by Aston Martin to make changes breaching the parc ferme rules for today’s F1 US GP, where Fernando Alonso is to revert to the Qatar GP-spec and Lance Stroll will have the upgraded car.

On Haas side, they are also to join Aston Martin in the pitlane, even though in a statement they kept it unofficial. “Still technically ‘unofficial’ but likely both cars starting from pit-lane to allow set-up changes, etc,” it said, unlike Aston Martin who confirmed it.

“The team have taken the decision to start both cars from the pitlane today, allowing us to make changes that will help us to optimise the new package,” it stated. The FIA have since confirmed the changes that both the teams have made to the cars.

And they have approved a pitlane start for all four cars as well. Here’s the list of changes made which also includes set-up changes of the suspension –

Stroll: Rear corner stops (different specification); Rear torsion bars (different specification); Front anti roll bar (different specification); Rear anti roll bar (different specification).

Alonso: Floor assembly (different specification); Rear beam wing (different specification); Rear corner stops (different specification); Rear torsion bars (different specification); Front anti roll bar (different specification).

Magnussen: Rear wing assembly (different specification).

Hulkenberg: Rear wing assembly (different specification).

With four cars in the pitlane, the grid will see only 16 cars lining up where Daniel Ricciardo is to start 14th from his initial position of 15th, ahead of Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant in 15th and 16th, who were to start from 18th and 20th.

Here’s what was said after Saturday in F1 US GP

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